Continued Learning

Information is the key to freedom. I’ve a tendency jump into the water headfirst and as I’m sputtering away realize I should have tested the water first, then one foot at a time. Writing my novel, Flight is the perfect example. I started writing it first, then put it aside. I thought writing for children would be easier. In fact, it’s more difficult. The information and knowledge I gained about my lack of ability to write for children was valuable information. I kept writing trying new genres until I’d come full circle to writing my novel.

Writing for the Children’s Market Toronto Board of Education 1996
Creative Writing 1&2 Toronto Board of Education 2002 & 2003
Started a Writing group   2004
Grammar & Punctuation George Brown College 2004
Play Writing George Brown College 2006
Novel Writing 1 & 2 George Brown College 2008 & 2009
Romance Writing George Brown College 2010
Magazine Writing George Brown College 2011
Rainbow Toastmasters Public Speaking 2010 – 2012
Creative Writing George Brown College 2012